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Applying Stage Makeup: Five Things to Keep in Mind

January 17, 2017 by StageScreen - No Comments

When you need to apply makeup prior to any kind of performance, there are a few key tips that you need to keep in mind. Obviously, this is not the time to make a mistake, as you are going to be front and center for everyone to see. Getting your makeup right will not only give you a great look for the performance, but it will add to the quality of the show as a whole. Read on to pick up five important points to remember when applying stage makeup.

#1 – Take Measures Against Sweat

As you already know, it can be incredibly hot under the stage lights. That heat, along with the pressure of the performance itself, can easily lead to sweating during the show. That’s okay – as long as you have done your makeup in a way that will withstand the sweat. Do your best to use waterproof elements to protect against streaks, and be sure to use both a fixing spray and a dusting of fine powder as well.

#2 – This is Not Makeup for Real Life

When you apply makeup in your everyday life, you are focused mostly on looking your best when someone is seeing you up close. That isn’t how the audience is going to see you, however, as some members of the audience will be quite a distance away during the show. Therefore, your makeup needs to be dramatic and exaggerated, in order to make sure that it looks good from a distance. You might not love the way it looks when you see yourself in a mirror, but remember that you are applying the makeup with distance in mind.

#3 – Pay Attention to Detail

This point goes along with the previous point about applying makeup to be viewed from a distance. Since you know the audience isn’t going to see you up close, it might be tempting to avoid some of the fine details of your makeup. That would be a mistake, however, as those omissions are going to be noticed even from a distance. Take the time to finish off your makeup properly down to the last detail if you want to bring your character to life successfully.

#4 – Don’t Go Too Far

At some point, you can wind up with too much makeup and too much color for the situation. While stage makeup does need to be bold and dramatic, you don’t want to end up looking like you have applied makeup meant for the circus. Think in the context of your character or the show as a whole and stick with makeup that is going to suit the setting appropriately.

#5 – Lay a Foundation

One of the keys to having your stage makeup last from the start of the show all the way until after the curtain drops is to apply a proper layer of foundation. Stage makeup is often heavy and thick, meaning you need foundation even more than you need it during your day to day life off of the stage. Good foundation can make it possible for the rest of your makeup to shine throughout the show.