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How to Accessorize Your Tuxedo

March 10, 2017 by StageScreen - No Comments

When picking out a tuxedo for an upcoming formal event such as a wedding or prom, you will notice that it is hard to stand out from the crowd in this piece of attire. Sure, you will look nice in your tux, but you will also look like just about everyone else in attendance. To make sure you leave an impression, consider adding some accessories to your tuxedo. You can accessorize in a number of simple ways, and you won’t even have to break the bank to do so.

Bright Suspenders

As many tuxedos are already worn with suspenders, this is an easy way to add color to your otherwise black-and-white getup. Since your suspenders are really only seen once you take your jacket off, they are a great place to add color which will only be displayed once the formal part of the night is completed. For instance, you could keep your jacket on during a wedding ceremony, and remove it later once the dance floor comes alive.

Nice Cufflinks

A great pair of cufflinks can add a unique style to the look of a tuxedo, although this is one accessory that can get a little expensive if you aren’t careful. While there are plenty of high-end, expensive cufflinks on the market, you should be able to find some which look nice and come at an affordable price as well. Remember, you don’t want to go so far as to take away from the overall look of the tux, so keep cufflinks relatively understated and classy.

A Hat

This might not be something which would come to mind right away, but adding a hat to your tuxedo could be the perfect fit. Traditionally, a man wearing a tuxedo would go with a Homburg, but you can experiment with other options to find something that suits your personality and tastes. You can usually find a Homberg hat for a modest price, making this an affordable addition to your attire for the evening.

Opt for the Bow Tie

This really isn’t so much of an accessory as it is a style choice. Many men choose to wear a tuxedo with a traditional tie, but opting for the bow tie instead can give you a creative, interesting look which is not achieved with a long, flat tie. Of course, you are going to need to know how to tie your bow tie in order to pull this off, so plan ahead and spend a bit of time practicing the right way to pull this look together.

Accessories for your tuxedo are all about adding to the look, rather than taking away. If you go too far, you will wind up looking less-than-formal – which is probably not the idea when a tuxedo is the chosen style for the night. Keep your accessories clean and classic to make sure they add to your appearance successfully. In the end, you want to be comfortable with the way you look and feel, as that is how you will have the best possible time at your upcoming event.