How to Apply Make-Up for a Theater Performance

June 6, 2016 by StageScreen - No Comments

Looking great on stage is a big part of a theater performance. When you are performing in front of a theater full of people with the lights pointed directly at you, it is vital that you look your best. Of course, that means using make-up, but the products that you apply for a performance are likely going to be different than what you use for your day-to-day life. After all, you don’t go through life with bright lights pointed your way, so your requirements are different in the ‘real world’ than they are on stage.

To give your products the best chance to look great from the start of the show all the way until the curtain has closed, use the following tips.

Start With a Wash
If your make-up is going to last throughout the performance, you should start with a clean face. Give your skin a wash prior to adding make-up, and consider using moisturizer as well. You will be stressing your skin by adding make-up and performing under the lights, so using moisturizer should help to prevent dryness later on.

Build a Foundation
Using foundation is a good starting point once your face is clean, and you should usually opt for a shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin. It is easy to look pale on stage under the lights, so using somewhat darker foundation is recommended.

Time to Blush
Adding blush should be done using a stroke that moves upward along your face while you are smiling. The color that you choose will depend on whether you are male or female, and also on the specific look that you are going for based on the part you are playing and the costume you are wearing.

Keep the Eyes Natural
Use natural colors for eye shadow, such as browns and tans. Eyeliner can also be used at this point, however avoid putting it on too think. Generally speaking, men will want to use brown eyeliner while women can opt for brown or black.

Set It in Place
Now that you’re looking great, use a translucent powder to protect it during the performance. You are likely to sweat to some degree while performing, so setting your make-up is a necessary step in order to keep things looking good all night long. With your theater make-up completed, wash your hands and get ready to put on a show!