How to Choose a Great Halloween Costume

September 6, 2016 by StageScreen - No Comments

For some people, Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. If you love to dress up, and you love to go out with friends to have a good time, you likely look forward to Halloween all year long. There aren’t many chances for adults to dress up and act like children, but Halloween is one such occasion. Of course, the excitement of the arrival of Halloween is accompanied by a tricky question – no matter if you buy or rent a costume – which one should you wear? If you are stuck on that question in advance of this Halloween, consider the tips listed below.

Think About the Setting

Where are you going to be spending Halloween? This simple question is going to be the first step in picking out the right outfit. Naturally, if you are going to be somewhere with kids present, you are going to want to pick out something appropriate for people of all ages. Or, if you are going to an adults-only kind of event, you can feel more free to pick something suitable for a mature audience.

Don’t Forget Comfort

While you want your Halloween costume to be interesting and memorable, you also need to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the party. If you are going to spend the whole night out on the town, you don’t want to be uncomfortable in the process. Try on any potential costumes and make sure you would be able to spend at least a few hours in them without a problem.

What’s Your Budget?

Some Halloween outfits can get rather expensive, so decide on a budget before you head out shopping. If you aren’t finding anything in the stores that meets with your budget constraints, you could consider making your own costume while only buying a few key components to bring everything together successfully.

Play to Your Personality

Even when dressing up, you still want to stick with something that is going to be true to your personality. You want to feel comfortable and proud of your costume choice, so don’t go with something that you aren’t sure you want to represent. It might seem like a contradiction to try and be yourself when dressing up in a costume, but this is an important tip to follow.

Weather Matters!

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before settling on a costume for Halloween night. If rain is in the forecast, or if the temperatures are expected to be particularly cold, you may need to modify your plan to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the party.

The whole point of Halloween is to have fun with friends – so make sure your costume only serves to help you do just that. Your outfit shouldn’t get in the way of having fun, and it certainly shouldn’t cause any trouble. Rather, it should be a fun way to liven up the party and spark conversation throughout the night. Good luck picking out the perfect costume, and have fun!