MaskMasks by Kest Schwartzman

Stage & Screen, Inc. in Frederick, Maryland, provides truly stunning and wild attire from our newest vendor: Kest Schwartzman. She makes masks by hitting copper with great strength, greater precision. Experience the raw beauty and magic!

Kest Schwartzman graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2005. She uses metal to evoke the natural landscape from which the ore emerged. Some pieces are very bold, shouting of earthquakes, while others whisper of quiet fields of rustling grass, or paths through autumn woods. Like any good traveling companion, these pieces are a bit eccentric- each is entirely different from every other piece she has ever created. Each has their own personality, as organic and hard to define as each of your friends. They provide a different kind of freedom; by letting you pretend to be something else, they allow you to truly be yourself. They are wearable, yet also function as a sculpture off the head.

Please contact us with your ideas so we can make your ideas transpire!