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The Different Types of Mascots

May 10, 2017 by StageScreen - No Comments

When you first think of the word ‘mascot’, what comes to mind? Most likely, you will think first of a sports mascot. To be sure, these are some of the most recognized mascots in the world, as they regularly perform in front of huge live crowds and millions of people on television. However, sports mascots are only one type of mascot in this field. There are actually many different categories which mascots can fit into, depending on their purpose and the associated business or organization. Below, you will find a list of some of the many different types of mascots.

Sports Mascots

We may as well start off the list with the type of mascot we mentioned in the introduction. Just about every sports team and organization under the sun has a mascot of some kind, from wildcats and bulldogs to eagles and more. If you have a few favorite sports teams of your own, you are certainly familiar with their mascots. At games, it is the job of the mascot to get the crowd fired up, interact with the kids, and generally add to the experience of the event. They might not be the main attraction, but sporting events certainly wouldn’t be the same without mascots.

Corporate Mascots

These kinds of mascots might not get quite the same level of attention or name recognition as sports mascots, but they are prevalent nonetheless. Corporate mascots often appear in commercials and at corporate events out in the community. Cereal brands, for example, often have their own mascots, as do a number of other types of products and companies. Usually, the mascot will be an extension of the branding of the company, as the organization is striving to be remembered by their customer base.

Living Mascots

In some cases, live animals will be used as mascots. This is the case for some sports teams, and it is true for a few other organizations as well. Obviously, this kind of mascot is not the norm, as a usual mascot is simply a human dressed up in a large costume. Dogs have been used many times as live mascots, as have horses and other large animals.

Military Mascots

One surprising place you may find mascots is within various military units and organizations. As mascots are an effective way of bringing people together and uniting them in a common goal, they are used in military applications around the world. Living mascots are common in this area, and the animal in question will usually have close ties to the homeland of the military group.

As you can see, mascots appear in a number of various walks of life. There is no competition for sports mascots in terms of popularity, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see them when you are far away from the nearest stadium. Charged with boosting morale and bringing people together, a good mascot can go a long way toward uniting a crowd or company in a common mission.